September 9, 2008 1:45 pm
Naomi Chiaki – Muhomatsu no isho


Jedna od najboljih verzija ove pjesme koju sam čula. Sljedeća je ona Misore Hibari (link).


I was born in Kokura, raised in Genkai
My mouth is violent, my spirit is violent too.
A lawless generation (life), I throw away the tears.
I’m a guy that can live only with a thousand coins of guts the life of a man (a man only last a generation), a lawless pine.
That sound that echoes in the sky is the isagoma (a kind of music) of the drums that beat.
The lamps of the festival bamboo cars go shaking to the red light.
Today is the summer festival of Gion.
The young people with their yukatas of the same design pull the rope at unison.
Here comes the wind of the open sea of Genkai, the drumsticks storm vigorously right and left.
The well-known Kokura, the lawless pine.
The unruly beating of the thousand coins of guts.
Don´t cry (talking to himself), don´t complain, ain´t you a man?
It was a love without hope anyway.
Let´s throw away the regrets and complains to the sea of Genkai with the wild beating of the drums.
Dreams, come to the waves of the woman and man (the female/male waves)

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