September 5, 2009 5:58 pm
Kalinga Nartanam Tillana

Ne znam kako vama, ali meni je ovo jebeno fantastično.

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September 3, 2009 2:04 pm
September 1, 2009 2:32 pm
Ichimaru: “Sumida-gawa”

“When the war finally ended, and I returned to my old residence, at long last I felt relieved and peaceful at heart. My house stands on the River Sumida. Because I have lived here for many years, I feel deeply attached to the river. Although our daily living was quite restricted due to the post-war shortages of food and goods, the river water was clean and not polluted like today, and its abundant water was a reminder to me of many happy memories of the past.

Memories of seasonal events like the gorgeous fireworks at the Sumida River Festival, the mysterious lantern festival, and floating lanterns on the river, which moved like fireflies, come back to me as I watch the river surface at night. In the daytime, however, the water reflected the reality that was the scene of devastation from the war. In those days my only enjoyment was to play the shamisen alone and sing my songs.

Thinking back, this lonely and empty period of my life gave me a chance to study on my own. There were neither recording engagements nor rehearsals on the stage. I had time to reflect on my past performances and improve my skills. I looked at every book in the library and repeatedly practiced each song. Because I practiced so much, my fingernails began to crack and became deformed.

Thus time flew. Then, the “Flower and Willow World” of Yanagibashi began to revive, and the restaurants along the river reopened. One could hear the sound of parties and shamisen music carried by the river wind. One could see increasing numbers of boats coming and going in the river. Even I, who by nature am not fond of going out, felt alive along with the river.

I have no companion for life. My life has been void of the actual feelings and understanding that parents have about their children. I sometimes wondered if my life as a woman had been a happy one. I questioned myself if I have chosen a wrong sort of life as a woman. When I was young, I also fell in love with men, as young women do. My love, however, was never expressed. It was kept only in my heart, and I had to extinguish its flame. Are today’s young ladies truly liberated? Their bold behaviour surprises me. Does true happiness depend on outward expression? It is difficult for me to understand this new trend because I was brought up within the strict rules of feminine modesty and manners. Well, I suppose what I see today is the result of democratization.

For me, singing is my life. That is all I have. I am aware that I have no other choice but to persevere and be satisfied with this life of singing. These days all I can think of is how to improve my art and satisfy my audience.

When the recording started again after the war, songs like ” Shamisen Buugi” and “Shamisen Waltz” were made under the Western influence; and the public response was favourable. It was an educational experience for me to do those songs. However, I still feel uncomfortable about them.

In 1954 I was asked to sing, for the purpose of recording, a collection of Hauta songs on the theme of the Sumida River, in order to broadcast on the NHK Culture Channel. At that time the river was still not polluted. The producer decided that I should board a boat at the Yanagibashi Bridge and sing while the boat was rowed along the river. Appropriate songs had been chosen to harmonize with the scenery as the boat would move along. It was very attractive. It is impossible to do this now, for the Sumida is polluted and stench rises from it.

It is karma, however, that I do not feel like moving from this place. As long as the river exists I would like to stay here. Office buildings have been built around my house. Images of bygone days are disappearing, and the river sight no longer looks beautiful. If the passage of time requires this change, I have but to accept it.

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the founding of the company, Victor awarded me with an honour in recognition of my services for the company. I feel that it is I who should say “thank you” to them for having kept me for such a long time. As I grow older each day and change takes place in me, so does the river. It is only natural. However, a great change is about to happen in the environment around my house.

Construction of high breakwaters has begun in preparation for typhoon attacks. When they drive huge steel posts into the riverbeds I feel a nail is driven in my heart. When these breakwaters are built, I will lose my present river view from my living room. Well, then, I will just have to move my living room upstairs so that I may continue to enjoy the water view every day. I only hope that the Sumida will never dry up.”


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